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Reviews and Recommendations 2012


Thanks for all your help and tips, I'm so happy I passed! I will be recommending you to my friends and family.

Lee from Iwade, 
passed 1st time, 4 faults
December 2012   Herne Bay DTC 

Thanks Nigel for working so hard at helping me pass first time. Your humour made lessons fun and you even worked on your days off to help me with my deadline. I feel you have helped me not only to pass but to be a safe driver. Thanks so much.

Lorraine from Maidstone, 
passed 1st time, 3 faults.
December 2012   Maidstone DTC

Thank you for your time and effort in helping me pass my test first time, from complete beginner to pass in only 20 hours!

Lewis from Sheerness, 
passed 1st time.
December 2012   Gillingham DTC

Thank you for helping me pass first time. You really pushed me and challenged me to learn and improve my driving. The lessons were always interesting and never the same. Once again thanks for teaching me a vital skill that'll make my life a lot easier.

George from Upper Halling, 
passed 1st time, 6 faults.
November 2012   Gillingham DTC

Thanks to Nigel I was able to pass my driving test first time, and gain the skills necessary for everyday driving. He pushed me to get the best out of me throughout my lessons, perfecting my technique, and didn't waste time or hold me back.
Michael from Chattenden, 
passed 1st time, 6 faults.
November 2012   Gillingham DTC

What can I say about this man...he is a professional that will teach you how to drive safely and pass your test 1st time, he makes you feel relaxed and ready, he also knows what the examiners will be looking for. Many thanks buddy!

Alieu from Maidstone,  
passed 1st time, 2 faults.
November 2012   Maidstone DTC


Through Nigel I gained the confidence, skill and readiness I needed to pass my test in an area I did not know. 

Holly from Meopham, 
passed 2nd time, 6 faults.   
October 2012   Gillingham DTC
You will really benefit from learning with Nigel. He is knowledgeable, professional and learning with him is a decision you will not regret....thanks again mate.
Pindy from Gravesend, 
passed 2nd time, 2 faults.   
October 2012   Gillingham DTC

Nigel pushed me to the best of my ability. He's a perfectionist, and I think that's what you really need in an instructor, someone who cares about your performance!  Nigel is passionate about his job, friendly and definitely worth the money.

April from Gillingham, 
passed 1st time.
September 2012   Gillingham DTC
Thanks to Nigel, I gained the skills and confidence to pass first time and keep my family safe on the road. 

Adam from Gillingham, 
passed 1st time. 
August 2012   Gillingham DTC