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Reviews and Recommendations 2013

Nigel, thanks for all your help.
Curtis from Cliffe Woods, 
passed 3rd time.
December 2013   Gillingham DTC

Nigel is a very good instructor, willing to go out of his way to ensure you pass. He was very accommodating when it came to my previous driving experience as a full automatic licence holder and helped me build on this experience, as well as always ensuring there was a challenge! If you are thinking about making the switch from an automatic to a real car, (or just looking to learn to drive) look no further.

Harley from Higham, 
passed 1st time, 1 fault.
December 2013   Maidstone DTC

Nigel is a great instructor, he made the lessons interesting and I learnt something every time I saw him. I enjoyed and looked forward to all my lessons. Thanks for everything, the best instructor I could wish for!

Cheryl from Maidstone, 
passed 1st time, 1 fault.
December 2013   Maidstone DTC


I can't thank you enough, you are one amazing teacher. I will follow all your safety guidance in my driving going forward. Thanks again.

Satheesh from London, 
passed 2nd time, 5 faults.
November 2013   Gillingham DTC

Nigel thank you so much for helping me to pass my driving test!  You gave me confidence to drive and in every lesson I learn't something new.

Kasia from Higham, 
passed 2nd time, 2 faults.
November 2013   Gillingham DTC


Many thanks Nigel for helping me to pass first time. You gave me confidence and pushed me when I needed it, but you also made it fun and enjoyable, I'm lucky to have such a brilliant driving instructor. 

Amy from Hoo, 
passed 1st time, 4 faults.
November 2013   Gillingham DTC
Had a fantastic time and experience learning with Nigel, fantastic sense of humour, explains everything perfectly and makes learning to drive so easy. Would recommend to anyone. Looking forward to Pass Plus!

Ian from Gillingham, 
passed 1st time, 6 faults.
November 2013   Gillingham DTC

It was great learning to drive with Nigel, he makes his lessons amusing and informative, there was never a dull moment! He knows exactly what the examiners are looking for and makes sure that you are 100% up to test standard. Learning to drive has been one of the best experiences of my life and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and friend to help me pass first time! 
Dan from Allhallows, 
passed 1st time.
October 2013   Gillingham DTC

I am glad for receiving driving instruction from Nigel, he is the best in this business. He really worked hard to get me through first time. I am out of words to appreciate his efforts.

Muhammad from Gillingham, passed 1st time.
October 2013   Gillingham DTC
I came to Nigel with a lot of driving experience but didn't know if I was ready for the test. After an assessment of my driving he advised me to book the test straight away, he then came up with a plan to get me to test standard, resulting in a first time pass with only 1 driver fault! Cheers Nigel!
Charlotte from Twydall,
passed 1st time, 1 fault.
September 2013   Gillingham DTC

Finding Nigel was a stroke of luck. I had a little bit of prior driving experience but I learned quickly that there was so much I had yet to learn. My goal was to try and pass before I went off to Uni in 2 weeks time, so I did an intensive course 2 hours every day. With Nigel's help and a bit of luck, a test came up the day before I was supposed to leave and I passed!  Thank you Nigel for pushing me to learn, it really paid off!

Russell from Rochester, 
passed 1st time, 2 faults.
September 2013   Maidstone DTC
Nigel's a great instructor who's experience shows in his teaching. His friendliness makes you feel comfortable and confident while driving and above all he keeps the process of learning to drive a fun and enjoyable experience.
Max from Maidstone, 
passed 2nd time, 2 faults.
September 2013   Maidstone DTC

I can say with absolute certainty that if I'd gone with any other instructor I'd still be doing lessons, but Nigel progresses you quickly and prepares you fully and the results speak for themselves! Driving with Nigel is a real pleasure and never a dull moment, I couldn't recommend him enough!

Jamie from Faversham, 
passed 1st time, 5 faults.
August 2013   Herne Bay DTC

I did 10 hours with a different instructor before coming to Nigel and I learnt more in the first 2 hours with him than I did in that 10! A really positive and caring person that you get to see more of a friend than a teacher. Thank you Nigel!!

Bonni from Chattenden, 
passed 1st time, 2 faults.
July 2013   Gillingham DTC


Learning to drive with Nigel was a challenging but enjoyable experience. I'm really grateful to have chosen such an amazing instructor and can't recommend him enough, be it for his personality, knowledge or experience.

Pawel from Gravesend, 
passed 1st time, 2 faults.
July 2013   Gillingham DTC
I can vouch for Nigel's sincere and experienced coaching skill. I was able to attain a comfortable pass at the 1st attempt in 2 months. An upright professional who gauges your extent of driving skill very early and sets the right course of action to attain the all important pass with ease and more importantly make you confident with good driving sense. I am glad to have had you as my Master.
Sandeep from Gillingham, passed 1st time, 3 faults.
July 2013   Gillingham DTC

Learning to drive with Nigel was a great experience. I had limited time to pass so I done an intensive course and he made sure I was well practised and prepared allowing me to pass first time with ZERO faults.  I would recommend Nigel to anyone, he is willing to put the effort in and cares about you becoming a good and accomplished driver.

Vickie from Gillingham, 
passed 1st time, 0 faults.  July 2013   Gillingham DTC

I enjoyed learning to drive with Nigel. He knew all the bad junctions and where you are most likely to be caught out! Constantly pushing me to achieve a pass first time, in my case with only 2 driving faults. In conclusion Nigel shows deep understanding of what the examiners are looking for and shows you how to be safe on the roads after your test.

Aneil from Longfield, 
passed 1st time, 2 faults.
July 2013   Gillingham DTC

Started driving with Nigel the day after my birthday in March and was pushed straight away with a relatively long drive. Less than 30 hours later after that first lesson here we are with me a fully qualified driver passing first time!

Harry from Sheerness, 
passed 1st time, 3 faults.
June 2013   Maidstone DTC

I have learnt a great deal from Nigel and it has been a great experience learning to drive with him and learning the rules of the road. I have become more confident and was pushed to the best of my ability. I have enjoyed learning and have been given the best help I could possibly ask for!

Kathryn from Rochester, 
passed 3rd time, 6 faults.
June 2013   Gillingham DTC

Thank you Nigel for helping me pass my driving test first time round! I would definitely recommend you to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Sophie from Gillingham, 
passed 1st time, 6 faults.
May 2013   Gillingham DTC


Thank you so much for teaching me to drive confidently and safely.

Samiyah from Gillingham, 
passed 2nd time.
May 2013   Gillingham DTC


No more trains to work....this will change my life!  Thanks so much Nigel for helping me, you are the best driving instructor and I am so glad I learnt with you.

Berat from Sheerness, 
passed 3rd time.
May 2013   Herne Bay DTC

Would like to say thank you to Nigel, a fantastic instructor who I'd highly recommend for anyone who wants to get through that barrier of passing their driving test. A nice guy who is great to get along with and makes the whole roller coaster of learning to drive an enjoyable experience which paid off in the end with ZERO faults!!!

Richard from Rainham, 
passed 1st time, 0 faults.
April 2013   Gillingham DTC

Thanks Nigel, your lessons were very helpful and provided me with all that was needed to pass my test and more. I was very happy and comfortable under your supervision.

Kiran from Gravesend, 
passed 1st time, 6 faults.
March 2013   Gillingham DTC


I passed my driving test with a great instructor and a good friend. All credit goes to him, I would say to anyone if they want to learn to drive go with Nigel 100%.

Tony from Chattenden, 

passed 1st time.

March 2013   Gillingham DTC

I passed my test first time and I can't thank Nigel enough for helping me to become a confident, safe driver.

Liam from Gravesend, 
passed 1st time, 4 faults.
March 2013   Gillingham DTC

Due to Nigel's conscientious and methodical teaching style, he managed to hone my awareness and safety whilst driving which led me to passing my test. Thanks very much, definitely couldn't have done it without you!

Sophie from Rainham,

passed 3rd time.

February 2013   Gillingham DTC


Nigel was very flexible in pick ups and timings to fit around my college hours. Lessons were structured to my needs and I got really helpful feedback from every single lesson.

Ashleigh from Leysdown, passed 1st time. 

January 2013   Gillingham DTC

I had a great instructor in Nigel, who helped me change my driving in order for me to pass my test on the 2nd attempt.  Now and again I would forget to carry out some routines, but Nigel would just encourage me and take me though it again, he really is a good tutor, reliable, cool and tolerant. 

Michael from Gillingham, 

passed 2nd time. 

January 2013   Gillingham DTC