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Reviews and Recommendations 2014

Nigel took me on after I had been with my previous instructor for over a year. I progressed much quicker than before. Everything Nigel taught me was thorough, easy to understand and well planned out. I can easily say 1000 positives about Nigel. He has proved to be one of the best instructors you can get, I wish I had gone to him much earlier, I'm sure I would have passed much sooner. I passed first time with him with 5 faults. He displays an exceptionally outstanding method of teaching and nearly all his students pass 1st time!
Lee from Hoo, passed 1st time, 5 faults.
December 2014   Gillingham DTC
Thanks to Nigel I passed my test. He's a great instructor and adapts his teaching style making it easier to learn to drive. I would 100% recommend.

Damien from Walderslade, passed 2nd time, 3 faults.
November 2014   Maidstone DTC

I cannot thank you enough Nigel for all the time and effort you've put into teaching me to drive and helping me to pass my test. You're an amazing instructor and you've always pushed me to the best of my ability! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.

Saloni from Gillingham, passed 2nd time.
November 2014   Gillingham DTC

Nigel is a great instructor, always gives the extra push needed to bring out the best in his pupils. I would 100% recommend anyone to learn under his instruction. Thanks Nigel!
Jaime-Leigh from Chatham, passed 2nd time, 5 faults.
November 2014   Gillingham DTC
Coming to Nigel made my confidence grow, he was constantly telling me I could do it, and really pushed me to get the best out of me, so much so that I managed to pass first time with zero faults!! Nigel was more like a friend than a driving instructor, we was always having a laugh. He is amazing!! Thank you for everything Nige, you're fab!!!

Elisha from Gillingham, passed 1st time, 0 faults.
October 2014   Gillingham DTC

Thank you Nigel so much for helping me pass my test. I went to him with no confidence in my driving from another instructor and after just 6 lessons I'd booked and passed my test first time. I didn't think I'd ever be this confident on the road and I cannot fault anything that he does!!! Thank you sooo much!
Hannah from Sheerness, passed 1st time, 5 faults.
September 2014   Herne Bay DTC
Thanks Nigel for getting me through my test, and for all the banter along the way. You are the best in the business and I wouldn't think twice before recommending you!

Jack from Sheerness, passed 1st time.
September 2014   Maidstone DTC

The quality of teaching provided by Nigel was of the highest standard and I went from no road experience to passing my test first time with only two minors in just 28 hours!

Connor from Kings Hill, passed 1st time, 2 faults.
September 2014   Maidstone DTC

Prior to my lessons with Nigel I was a completely different driver to the one I have become now. I came to Nigel with an aim to get me to test standard under quite tight time constraints, but Nigel made what seemed impossible, possible! I am so glad my friend recommended me to Nigel, he is literally everything you want from a driving instructor, and at times I even felt like he was my Dad. He is patient, encouraging and very thorough, providing me with detailed feed back to track my progress, and as a result I gained confidence. Once again, I am so glad I chose to come to Nigel and have him teach me how to drive. He did a lot with a little and for that reason I can honestly say his service, and commitment compares to none. Thank you Nigel!

Jessica from Lordswood, passed 1st time.
September 2014   Gillingham DTC

Nigel has been a brilliant driving instructor, great sense of humour and always believes in you. He is always guiding you to reach your full potential, while supporting you every step of the way. Definitely glad I chose to go with Nigel!

Roshni from Northfleet, passed 3rd time.
September 2014   Gillingham DTC

Had a good time learning to drive, Nigel is such an amazing instructor who always pushes you to the best of your ability. Will be recommending him to people I know. Thanks for all your help!
Sean from Gravesend, passed 2nd time.
September 2014   Gillingham DTC
Passed first time and had a great time learning to drive! I've come so far in just over 40 hours of driving, it helped me so much to have such a knowledgeable and helpful instructor. I had some ups and downs with driving and sometimes I struggled, but Nigel always had the answers and encouraged me. It's been a pleasure to learn to drive with you!
Anouska from Gravesend, passed 1st time, 5 faults.
August 2014   Gillingham DTC
Thank you Nigel for teaching me not only to drive in order to pass my test, but also for giving me the confidence to drive alone safely and confidently.

Olivia from Bearsted, passed 3rd time, 3 faults.
August 2014   Maidstone DTC


Thank you so much for all the time you put in for me and everything you taught me. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family. Thank you!

John from Sittingbourne, passed 2nd time, 3 faults.
 August 2014   Gillingham DTC
Just like to say how grateful I am of the hard work Nigel put into help me pass my test. I had a few instructors that I felt were not helping me but with Nigel that changed, he went over my mistakes and helped me get them right. I was at ease and I enjoyed every lesson and now my eldest daughter has started hers. So a big thank you Nigel because you helped me pass my test and enjoy driving.
Amanda from Isle of Grain, passed 2nd time, 4 faults.
August 2014   Gillingham DTC
Thanks again Nigel, you're the best. I'd only been driving with you less than 3 months and passed first time.
Matt from Sittingbourne, passed 1st time, 2 faults.
August 2014   Maidstone DTC
Having had a bad experience with a previous instructor, I was really worried about learning with another. However Nigel made me feel really at ease and gave me back my confidence behind a wheel; which helped me pass my driving test first time. A really friendly and efficient driving instructor, I would recommend to anyone learning to drive.
Lauren from Strood, passed 1st time.
August 2014   Gillingham DTC

Thanks Nigel, you made learning to drive enjoyable. Your support and encouragement at all times. led me to feel well prepared and confident, not only for my test but for driving on my own afterwards.

Emily from Gillingham, 
passed 1st time.  
July 2014   Gillingham DTC

Thanks to Nigel I passed first time, I can't thank him enough for helping me to pass, he's a very good instructor and is really easy to get on with.

Jordan from Sheerness 
passed 1st time, 4 faults. 
July 2014  Maidstone DTC

I passed my test first time, thanks to Nigel. His patience, excellent guidance and brilliant sense of humour made lessons both enjoyable and beneficial. Nigel's lesson gave me confidence within my driving ability which allowed me to pass.
Inderjit from Gravesend, 
passed 1st time, 5 faults.
July 2014   Gillingham DTC

Nigel has been a fantastic driving instructor, he was very patient with me and explained things clearly. I was able to learn at my own pace and he always encouraged me, I'd recommend him! Thank you again for teaching me I really enjoyed the lessons and will miss them, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor.

Bethany from Walderslade, 
passed 1st time, 2 faults.
June 2014   Gillingham DTC

Very happy lady today after passing my test 1st time! Couldn't have done it without Nigel's support and guidance, taking everything at my own pace all with a smile! Would very much recommend Nigel.
Megan from Sittingbourne, 
passed 1st time.
June 2014   Maidstone DTC
I'd like to say thank you for the amazing driving experience. I'm glad you pushed me because it built my confidence a lot. I still cannot believe that I passed 1st time with zero faults!!
Manjinder from Gillingham,  
passed 1st time, 0 faults.
June 2014  Gillingham DTC

A massive thank you to Nigel! The quality of teaching is amazing and if you haven't got a lot of confidence in driving at the start, Nigel is patient, understanding and focused on making you become a safe road user. But perhaps the most important thing is that he goes above and beyond what you would expect from an ordinary driving instructor.

Hannah from Iwade, 
passed 2nd time, 3 faults.
June 2014  Gillingham DTC

After a year learning to drive without formal tuition, Nigel whipped my driving into shape, undoing a number of bad habits I'd picked up and fully prepared me for the practical test which I managed to pass first time with just one fault!  The lessons were well prepared and intensive, I learn't more in ten lessons than I had in a whole year!

Sarah from St Mary's Island, 
passed 1st time, 1 fault.
June 2014   Gillingham DTC
Thanks to Nigel for all his help, fantastic tutor, passed 1st time with zero faults, couldn't ask for more! Need to pass in a hurry, Nigel's the man to ring.
Peter from Strood, 
passed 1st time, 0 faults.
June 2014   Gillingham DTC
Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement, I would recommend you to anyone wanting to learn to drive. You are patient and understanding and always made me feel at ease and confident when driving. You are also very reliable and a good laugh. I will miss having my lessons! 
Jordan from Gillingham, 
passed 2nd time, 4 faults.
June 2014   Gillingham DTC
Nigel is not only the best person to help you pass but also to give you confidence to become a good driver. I wanted to pass as quick as possible as I don't like getting the bus and I passed from start to finish in under 3 months on my first attempt. Nigel was able to push me in the right manner to help me achieve my goal of passing quick. However Nigel challenged me and gave me confidence to not only look for just a pass but to pass with as few minors as possible.
Nathan from Gravesend, 
passed 1st time, 4 faults.
May 2014   Gillingham DTC
Thank you for everything, especially your persistence in getting me through. See you on the roads!
Alex from Maidstone, 
passed 3rd time, 2 faults.
May 2014   Maidstone DTC

What can I say about Nigel? He's sharp and is able to tailor your needs; whether it's a lack of confidence or experience you suffer from, he rises to the challenge. I personally work in London and started the job whilst halfway through my tutelage. Nigel kept me on track and made what I initially thought a chore, into something that was thoroughly enjoyable. Admittedly, I am fantastic at dodging contact and I commend Nigel on his commitment to not give up on me, which in the end ensured a result with a pass. If you are considering Nigel as an instructor, forget the other candidates, delete their numbers, forget their names, as Nigel is the one for you.

Andrew from Rainham,

passed 2nd time.

April 2014   Gillingham DTC


I have just completed a course of driving lessons with Nigel and thankfully, have just passed my test. Nigel was able to tailor my lessons precisely to my learning needs and level of experience and thanks to his teaching style I was able to learn to drive well enough, and with enough confidence, to pass first time and with fewer lessons than what I have been told most instructors would suggest is average.

Nigel did a great deal to improve my confidence and knew exactly which areas of my driving to focus on to get me suitably prepared for the test and more importantly, for a life of motoring beyond the test.

Nigel is incredibly enthusiastic as an instructor and I can say without doubt that he is far more concerned with producing competent drivers and maintaining his uniquely high pass rate than he is in making money from students. In fact, he was even more ecstatic than me when I actually passed!

Ben from Lordswood, 

passed 1st time, 5 faults.

March 2014   Gillingham DTC
Nigel is a fantastic instructor, not only making the lessons interesting and helpful, but also being personable and making the whole experience as good as possible. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor to guide and help me. Thanks Nigel for helping me pass!

Harry from Lordswood, 

passed 2nd time, 2 faults.

March 2014   Gillingham DTC


Thanks Nigel for all the time, effort and encouragement you've given me in learning to drive.

Misha from Twydall, 

passed 2nd time.

March 2014   Herne Bay DTC

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Nigel for being such a patient, kind and amusing instructor. After changing instructors due to lack of progress I was impressed by the quality of Nigel's teaching. I increased in driving ability and confidence rapidly, which lead to me passing my driving test first time. Thank you so much Nigel for all your help and support. Also to any future students...Nigel is THE Man!

Georgia from Rainham, 
passed 1st time, 2 faults.
February 2014   Gillingham DTC
Thank you so much for taking the time to teach me how to drive. I used to day dream of driving when I was a teenager but never thought I'd see the day when I would actually drive. It was nice to pass the practical test on my first attempt and I have been driving everyday since.

Adina from Strood, 
passed 1st time, 6 faults.
February 2014   Gillingham DTC

I was almost losing hope of driving let alone passing the driving test because of the wrong selection of a previous instructor. I then came to Nigel through a recommendation and things changed instantly. I'm really grateful to you Nigel for correcting my mistakes which I developed whilst with the previous instructor and building confidence in me. You are the best and most amazing teacher. Thanks again Nigel for training me to become a safe and confident driver.

Rekha from Gillingham, 
passed 1st time, 2 faults.
February 2014   Gillingham DTC


I would recommend Nigel as he pushed me hard to get to test standard and it all paid off by me passing first time with only 1 minor. I'm very happy the way you taught me throughout my driving lessons, very honest as well. Thanks for everything.

Carl from Sittingbourne, 
passed 1st time, 1 fault.
February 2014   Gillingham DTC


I had been learning to drive with another instructor, who stopped teaching. I came to Nigel for help and he gave me a fair assessment, allowing me to book my test and helping me work towards it....I passed first time!

Rachel from Lordswood, 
passed 1st time.
February 2014   Gillingham DTC
The experience I have gained by having Nigel as an instructor has been invaluable. Not only is he a top guy, but I could not have asked for a better teacher. He has helped me build my confidence with driving no end, I cannot thank him enough.

Dave from Hoo, 
passed 1st time.
January 2014   Gillingham DTC

Can't thank Nigel enough for helping me to pass first time, he became a friend over my lessons. Nigel is a brilliant instructor who will push you to get the best out of you. He also knows what the examiners are looking for. The way Nigel teaches you is informative and funny at the same time with many games it is never a dull moment while learning, but he was always fully focused on making sure you are a safe driver.  If you want an excellent driving instructor go with Nigel. Thanks again for teaching me to drive safely.

Alex from Sheerness, 
passed 1st time, 4 faults.
January 2014   Maidstone DTC