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Reviews and Recommendations 2017

Massive thank you to Nigel for helping me pass my driving test and also for being so supportive which has made me a more confident driver!

Alice from Newington, passed 1st time, 5 faults.
December 2017  Gillingham DTC


Can't thank Nigel enough for helping me through my test and passing with 0 faults! He helped me so much with my confidence and driving overall, definitely recommend him to any learner, young or mature. Thank you Nigel! xx

Maisie from Strood, passed 1st time, ZERO faults.
December 2017  Gillingham DTC


Nigel is an amazing instructor, not only did he help me pass first time but he has also developed my confidence so much! Our lessons were very enjoyable and I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn and be taught by the best. xxx

Sophie from Parkwood, passed 1st time, 4 faults.  December 2017  Gillingham DTC


So happy to have passed my test first time! Massive thank you to Nigel for teaching me to drive and build my confidence in driving, he even helped me to drive my own car for extra practice as I struggled with it as it was much harder to drive than his. I will miss our 6am starts! I would highly recommend learning to drive with Nigel xx

Katie from Rushenden, passed 1st time.   

October 2017  Maidstone DTC


I don't know what I would've done without Nigel's help. After taking me on when I was having trouble before, he taught me everything so well and made me a confident driver. If it wasn't for his fantastic teaching I wouldn't of passed my test with so much confidence, especially to drive on my own. I would 100% recommend him, I can't fault him at all! Such a lovely person to be around as well. Thank you Nigel x

Coral from Sittingbourne, passed 2nd time.  October 2017 Gillingham DTC


Nigel was a great instructor, he was always reliable and flexible with my lessons. He made me feel confident with my driving and pushed me to achieve my very best. This helped me to pass first time with zero faults!

Lauren from Rainham, passed 1st time, ZERO faults.  October 2017  Gillingham DTC

Brilliant instructor couldn't recommend him enough. Will be your best mate as well as teaching you how to drive to the highest standard you could imagine. Passed in just over a month and a half, 22 hours! Never held me back for any reason and so willing to progress me on. On my first lesson we were driving around the local area, most of my friends learning to drive haven't even got out of  a car park yet! Will miss lessons very much, so glad to have met you from badminton otherwise I doubt I'd have found you.

Taite from Rainham, passed 1st time, 1 fault.  September 2017  Gillingham DTC

A massive thank you to Nigel for teaching me not only how to drive but how to build my confidence and be very safe on the roads. Nigel is so easy to engage with and has become a great friend of mine. Thank you xxx

Thank you so much for your patience and hard work with Jenna. She always said you teach your students to drive and not just pass their test and I can see this with Jenna. I know that she has the utmost respect for you! 

Jenna from Minster-on-Sea, passed 2nd time, 4 faults.  September 2017 Gillingham DTC

Nigel is a very good instructor, I did not have the easiest time with driving, but he supported me every step of the way, I can't thank him enough xxx

My daughter passed her driving test, we are so proud of her and have been really happy and confident with her learning to drive with Nigel. He treats his learners as individuals and has kept us informed of her progress and has always been very reliable and very easy to get along with.  Thank you Nigel!

Lily from Minster-on-Sea, passed 3rd time, 2 faults.  September 2017 Maidstone DTC


Thank you so much Nigel! So happy I've passed with only 2 faults. I would highly recommend Nigel to anyone, even the examiner said he loves Nigel's students as they all drive at a high standard!  Although I will miss our lessons, I am so happy to have passed....thank you! xx

Paige from Lordswood, passed 1st time, 2 faults.  September 2017 Maidstone DTC

Massive Thank you to Nigel! Great instructor, very professional and the structure of the lessons was great! Passed first time with Nigel, would highly recommend!

I would highly recommend Nigel to any parent looking for a professional driving instructor to teach their child to drive. Nigel taught my son to drive to a very high standard and to drive with confidence on the busy roads. Nigel was always patient and calm, making my son feel at ease. My son started his lessons in April and passed first time in August. Nigel always gave feedback to my son after every lesson and he was also very accommodating when my son needed to alter his lesson time slightly a couple times due to his work commitments. I will definitely be using Nigel to teach my daughter to drive in the future.

Tommy from Walderslade, passed 1st time, 5 faults.  August 2017 Maidstone DTC


A big thank you to Nigel for being the best instructor, helping me become fully confident on the roads which made me pass first time! I could not have done it without you, your patience and support is amazing and I would highly recommend to any one wanting to learn! Will miss our lessons and your hilarious jokes!!!

Kate from Minster-on-Sea, passed 1st time, 3 faults.  August 2017 Gillingham DTC

Brilliant instructor! Saved me when my old one completely ditched me and got me a first time pass! Very professional and good company on those 2 hour lessons! Would definitely recommend to others, very thankful because of Nigel!

Chloe from Cuxton, passed 1st time.
August 2017 Gillingham DTC


I did a intensive course for a week with Nigel and passed first time with 2 faults! Thank you so much Nigel it was a laugh and I couldn't be happier! 100% recommend you.

Alby from Strood, passed 1st time, 2 faults.
August 2017 Gillingham DTC

I was introduced to Nigel when he did a learning to drive lecture at my old sixth form.  At this point I was with another instructor who I didn’t benefit from and made me lack confidence in driving. From my first lesson with Nigel I knew that he would get me not only test ready, but a capable, safe driver for life. He went above and beyond teaching me more than just the regularities I needed to know, but any potential circumstance that could occur in my driving experiences. He’s an easy instructor to talk to and feel comfortable with. He deals with situations easily when you, the driver or himself feels under pressure. His amount of knowledge and experience makes him the ideal driving instructor for new learners and is the reason I passed my test! Thank you Nigel.

Keri from Gillingham, passed 1st time, 4 faults.  
August 2017 Gillingham DTC

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Nigel. With his help and encouragement I was able to pass first time, I have really enjoyed my lessons and he has helped me a lot in building my confidence. I couldn't have done it without him. A truly great driving instructor that I would highly recommend to anyone.

Khalil from Chatham, passed 1st time, 3 faults.  

June 2017 Gillingham DTC


Massive thank you to Nigel for helping me pass my test, couldn't have asked for a better instructor!

Lewis from Minster-on-Sea, passed 3rd time.  

June 2017  Gillingham DTC


Nigel helped me to pass my test first time, the lessons were always productive with brilliant feedback and clever games to help me develop my driving to perfection!

Taught our daughter to drive and more importantly drive with confidence! Great instructor who teaches pupils to a high standard.

Ella from Minster-on-Sea, passed 1st time, 1 fault.  June 2017  Gillingham DTC
Nigel you've been a great teacher and a bestie for life xxx

Katie from Minster-on-Sea, passed 2nd time.

June 2017 Gillingham DTC


Thanks very much Nigel for helping me to pass first time with zero faults in 4 months and only 30 hours of tuition!  You always pushed me to achieve high standards in my driving,  I'd highly recommend you to anyone wanting to learn to drive. 

Cannot recommend this guy enough, he is an excellent instructor. He taught my daughter within 4 months and she passed with zero faults! Very easy going and patient, he teaches you to drive, not just pass your test.

Louise from Hoo, passed 1st time, ZERO faults.  
May 2017  Gillingham DTC
Sooo happy! Thank you Nigel for always encouraging me and dealing with me, there's even been tears that you had to deal with, I don't think anyone else could have helped me as much as you did. Thank you xxx
Molly from Sheerness, passed 2nd time, 4 faults.  
May 2017 Gillingham DTC

Thanks very much Nigel for your help and patience. I'd recommend you to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Nigel was recommended to me by a friend. My son is very shy and I thought it might be difficult to get him an instructor that would be okay with that, but I needn't have worried at all. Nigel was excellent from the off. I'd highly recommend Nigel to anyone and will be booking him for my daughter in a few years time.

Lewis from Wigmore, passed 3rd time, 4 faults.
May 2017  Gillingham DTC

With help and encouragement from Nigel I was able to pass first time! Our lessons were enjoyable and positive, he helped me deal with my nerves and build up my confidence extremely well, such a brilliant instructor! xxx
Holly from Minster-on-Sea, passed 1st time, 5 faults.   May 2017  Gillingham DTC
I cannot believe I managed to pass first time! thank you so much Nigel and honestly I'm so sad that I won't see you every Thursday! Thank you for dealing with my nerves and you have really taught me so much which I will always be grateful for. You have always believed in me and today, all the hard work and tears and stress has paid off! You are truly the best instructor in the world and I cannot recommend you enough to anyone who is considering learning how to drive.
Lauren from Minster-on-Sea, passed 1st time.   
April 2017  Gillingham DTC
Just passed my driving test 1st time and that's all thanks to Nigel. Thank you for pushing me in every driving lesson. At first I was nervous to drive and you helped me over time to become very confident on the road! Amazing driving instructor! Thank you once again.

Reiss from Gillingham, passed 1st time.
March 2017  Gillingham DTC


I passed my driving test 1st time with Nigel and could not have done it without him, he is the most patient and helpful person I have ever met and a fantastic driving instructor. I would recommend him 100%. Thank you Nigel for everything. xxx 
Rachel from Minster, passed 1st time, 4 faults.   
March 2017  Gillingham DTC
Over the moon that I passed first time. I would like to personally thank Nigel for everything, he is a brilliant driving instructor and has made me a confident and sophisticated driver.
Sam from Wigmore, passed 1st time, 3 faults.   
March 2017  Gillingham DTC
Passed 1st time with Nigel after only 5 months of lessons and couldn't recommend him more as a driving instructor. He's probably the most patient person I've ever met and always made me feel relaxed and learning to drive was made so enjoyable. I will miss our lessons and thank you so much for all your patience and waking up for our 5am-6am lessons, honestly couldn't have asked for a better instructor and friend, thank you Nigel xx.

Milaina from Ditton, passed 1st time, 5 faults.

March 2017  Maidstone DTC


3rd time lucky!!! Only 2 faults, finally got there thanks to my amazing driving instructor Nigel Fox! Thank you so much for everything you've taught me, best driving instructor.

Emma from Kemsley, passed 3rd time, 2 faults.  February 2017  Gillingham DTC


After many attempts, I can finally say I have passed, all thanks to my amazing driving instructor Nigel Fox. Thank you for putting up with my tantrums and bad attitude, you never gave up on me and I'm so thankful for it! Cannot explain how happy I am!  I would recommend Nigel 100% if you are thinking about starting up driving lessons, he's the man to go to!!!.

Jena from Minster, passed ZERO faults. 
January 2017  Herne Bay DTC

So I only went and done it! Passed my test first time. Would not have been possible without Nigel, his patience and amazing ways of teaching got me through.
Georgina from Minster, passed 1st time.
January 2017  Herne Bay DTC
Thank you Nigel for all the help I needed to be able to drive confidently but safely. Really good driving instructor and I highly recommend. Easy to get along with and he will do the best to teach you the best driving skills.
Taiya from Sheerness, passed 2nd time, 3 faults.  January 2017 Gillingham DTC
I would highly recommend Nigel as an instructor. I was very nervous and shy, but he gave me the confidence and made driving feel so easy and enjoyable. Thanks to Nigel, I passed first time!
Aimee from Gillingham, passed 1st time, 5 faults.  
January 2017  Gillingham DTC