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Reviews and Recommendations 2018

Great driving instructor, very comfortable to be around and incredibly helpful!  Couldn’t have passed first time without him! So pleased.
Jenna from Sheerness, passed 1st time 6 faults.
December 2018  Gillingham DTC
Nigel was recommended to me by a friend who had passed 1st time. After two previous failed tests with another instructor and then a 4 year gap of no driving, my confidence was in pieces. Nigel was very patient and helped rebuild my confidence, and really pushed me to drive the best that I can. Proud to say I passed my driving test today, and can’t thank Nigel enough! Highly recommend!
Chelsey from Rainham, passed 1st time 4 faults.
December 2018  Gillingham DTC

Helped me gain my confidence behind the wheel. Would recommend him to anyone to help you pass your test!

Nigel is an amazing driving instructor. Gave Rebecca the confidence behind the wheel and she past first time. Would recommend him to anyone.

Rebecca from Gillingham, passed 1st time 4 faults.  December 2018  Gillingham DTC

Very good driver instructor passed me first time thank you xx

Chloe from Gillingham, passed 1st time 3 faults.  November 2018  Gillingham DTC
Such a good driving instructor! Calmed my nerves and made me feel relaxed so glad he came on my test and prepared me before hand. I don’t think I would of done it without him! Highly recommended! Believes in you and actually cares about his pupils! 

Georgie from Lordswood, passed 1st time 3 faults.  November 2018  Gillingham DTC


Well this time last year, I never thought I’d even be taking a test let alone passing! Couldn’t have done it without Nigel, he's the best instructor there is! Built my confidence up within no time. Patient, helpful and really caring. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, thank you so much! 

Siobhan from Lordswood, passed 1st time 5 faults.  November 2018  Gillingham DTC
I would 100% recommend Nigel to anyone who is looking to drive! I had been doing lessons for 6 months and I passed first time! I wouldn’t of been able to do this if this wasn’t for Nigel, he so understanding and helpful! He is a excellent instructor. 
Megan from Sheerness, passed 1st time.
October 2018  Gillingham DTC
Nigel is an excellent driving instructor who pushes his pupils to enable them to be the best possible driver. I couldn’t fault him! I would 100% recommend him to anyone!
Lauren from Minster-on-Sea, passed 1st time 3 faults.
October 2018  Gillingham DTC
Nigel is an excellent instructor! Always made me feel relaxed and listen to everything I had to say. Pushed me to my limits because he knew I could do better! Would 1000% recommend him to anyone, best instructor you could wish for. Will never forget my experience learning to drive, I thought it would be a scary time but I enjoyed every second of it thanks to Nigel! 
Casey from Sheerness, passed 1st time 4 faults.
October 2018  Gillingham DTC

Best instructor by far, got me through my test quicker than imagined, so friendly and easy to get along with would defo recommend.

Nigel is a great instructor has been very calming and patient and have already booked in ready for the next child.

Emily from Parkwood, passed 2nd time 4 faults.  September 2018  Gillingham DTC
Charming and understanding, with the expertise to match, it was an absolute pleasure to learn with Nigel, and I cannot recommend him more.
Ben from Darland, passed 2nd time 6 faults.  September 2018  Gillingham DTC
Nigel is an amazing teacher, helped me passed first time, thanks Nigel x
Polly from Minster-on-Sea, passed 1st time 3 faults.  August 2018  Gillingham DTC
Amazing. Nigel picked me up after having a bad experience with another instructor and taught me all the way until I passed my test. I cannot emphasise enough the relief I feel and Nigel was the one who guided me towards this pass. Nigel not only gave up the time and went the extra mile to ensure I passed, he gave me advice on how I can drive after I pass my test safely. One thing to differ from other instructors would be the personal service that Nigel offers. Nigel makes record of all our lessons and what we have to work on, in order to improve. Nigel also makes motivational posts on his social media, which made me feel more encouraged to keep going with my driving, despite difficult and stressful periods. I can guarantee a pass with Nigel. Thank you so much xx 
Beth from Wigmore, passed 2nd time 4 faults.
August 2018  Gillingham DTC
Nigel is a great instructor. He always gave me the extra confidence to always try my best in each session. Not only did Nigel help me with my practical, he helped me revise my theory. I managed to pass my driving test with only 3 faults x

Abbie from Queenborough, passed 3rd time 3 faults.  August 2018  Gillingham DTC

Nigel is an amazing instructor that is always patient and understanding every lesson! He has taught me so much in just a few months and I wouldn’t have been able to get through my test without him! Highly recommend to anyone looking to pass their test but enjoy their lessons at the same time! Thanks Nigel x

Megan from Minster-on-Sea, passed 1st time.  

July 2018  Gillingham DTC


Highly recommended! Nigel is excellent helped me so much at such short notice, so patient and all round great experience.  Thanks so much Nigel. 

Sam from Sittingbourne, passed 2nd time 5 faults.  July 2018  Gillingham DTC

Couldn’t ask for more in a driving instructor! Nigel will not only teach you to drive in the test area, but also make sure you feel confident in different situations which will not be tested, to ensure you will always be a safe driver after you’ve passed your test. Nigel prioritises his students’ safety and did everything he could to make sure I felt calm and confident before my driving test so, once again, thanks for everything!

Izzy from Minster, passed 2nd time 2 faults.

July 2018  Gillingham DTC

I honestly did not believe that I would be up and driving this quick!  Time really does fly when you’re having fun!  I would 100% recommend Nigel as a driving instructor.  He not only taught me how to drive but how to be confident in driving as well! When it came to my test I was a wreck before and he helped to calm me down! He is amazing at his job and is totally worth the wait because you get someone who will not give up on you!  My very first lesson I would never believe I could of done it and it’s all thanks to Nigel’s teaching and him believing in me.

Danielle from Gillingham, passed 1st time 4 faults.  July 2018  Gillingham DTC
Thanks to Nigel's patience I passed first time with only 1 fault! I couldn't thank him enough! I recommend him 1000%
Olivia from Gillingham, passed 1st time 1 fault.  
June 2018  Gillingham DTC
Nigel is brilliant, if you have any nerves or worries they will disappear in an instant, highly recommended.
Kai (Nephew) from Lordswood, passed 1st time 5 faults.  June 2018  Gillingham DTC
I would like to personally thank Nigel for giving me the skills and confidence to enable me to pass first time, I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor.
Kane (Nephew) from Lordswood, passed 1st time 6 faults.  
June 2018  Gillingham DTC
Nigel helped me a lot especially with my nerves and preparing for my test but also for after my test!! Can’t thank him enough!
Maddie from Rainham, passed 1st time 6 faults.  
June 2018  Gillingham DTC
My Dad's taught me countless life lessons but driving is the most useful thing he has given to me. Thank you Dad  X
Jonathan (My Son) from Gillingham, passed 1st time 3 faults. May 2018  Gillingham DTC
Couldn’t thank Nigel enough for being patient and also pushing me every lesson! He really is the best driving instructor in the area, we made a great bond whist driving together and he is so proud to see all he’s students pass. I 100% would recommend him to all my family and friends, we also fitted in my motorway course on the way home from passing my test! Thank you Nigel xx
Tracie from Warden Bay, passed 2nd time 6 faults.  May 2018  Gillingham DTC
Thank you so much Nigel, you was a massive help, couldn't have done it without you!

Dalton from Parkwood, passed 1st time ZERO faults.  May 2018  Gillingham DTC

Nigel is such an amazing instructor, honestly don’t think I would have got through driving without him! Always makes sure you understand what you’re doing and makes the most of every single lesson! Can’t thank him enough for getting up and doing 6am lessons!! A brilliant instructor and would definitely recommend!!
Lauren from Rochester, passed 1st time 5 faults.
April 2018  Gillingham DTC
The best instructor everyone needs! Recommend 100% makes every lesson count. Worth the money and  he even helped me get through my theory in his lunch time after my lesson! Without his help I would still be struggling!
Megan from Rushenden, passed 1st time 2 faults.
April 2018  Gillingham DTC
I have learnt so much from Nigel and what an amazing man. He was willing to give me a driving lesson at 5:15am if that's not dedication I don't know what is! Couldn't recommend him enough couldn't of passed without him.
Emily from Sittingbourne, passed 2nd time 3 faults.  April 2018  Gillingham DTC
It was because Nigel was so calm and patient that got me through this journey. He doesn't just want to see you pass, he truly enjoys teaching people to drive and seeing them reach their true potential.  passed today with Zero faults, something I didn't think was possible. He has seen me cry, shout and get so worked up to the point where I have had to park up, but yet he remained calm and kind. Thank you Nigel, thank you for being my friend not just an instructor.

Jess from Rochester, passed 1st time ZERO faults.  April 2018  Gillingham DTC

Thank you to Nigel for helping me pass my driving test in such a small time. I couldn't have done it without you.  You helped me massively with my nerves and getting me through my anxiety and lack of confidence. I had to wait for while on Nigel's waiting list to start learning with him, but it was worth the wait! He really is the best instructor around, not just because of the way he teaches you, but because he cares about everyone of his pupils, and wants them to be the best drivers they can possibly be.
Jordan from Sheerness, passed 1st time ZERO faults.
March 2018  Gillingham DTC

What else to say but an amazing instructor, Nigel is one of the most friendliest instructors out there. Gives nothing but 100% effort and pushes you to be perfect. Nigel helped me achieve 0 faults on my test!!! More than just an instructor he’s a great friend as well. Would easily recommend him to anyone!

Liam from Minster-on-Sea, passed with ZERO faults.
March 2018  Maidstone DTC
Proper geeza puts you up to the high standards you need to be!  Best driving instructor around!
Ben from Wigmore, passed 2nd time, 5 faults.
March 2018  Gillingham DTC

Can’t speak highly enough of Nigel, incredible driving instructor, not only taught me how to drive (not just pass the test!) but helped me have the confidence to really push myself! So many times where I thought I couldn’t do it and with Nigel’s help I know that I can! Thank you so much Nigel!

Lizzie from Bearsted, passed 1st time, 2 faults.  
February 2018  Maidstone DTC

I highly recommend Nigel as a driving instructor. There was points where I struggled but without his knowledge of the roads and skills I wouldn’t have passed. There was points and periods where I wanted to give it all up and he still pushed me through it and said “You can do it Katarina!” And now I’ve passed and I couldn’t thank him more for that!

Katarina from Chatham, passed 2nd time, 4 faults. 

February 2018  Gillingham DTC

Would like to say a massive thank you to Nigel, who I highly recommend as he is a brilliant instructor who helped me massively with my confidence to pass and feel safe to drive out on the roads on my own.

Tanis from Eastchurch, passed 2nd time, 2 faults. 
February 2018  Gillingham DTC


Thanks so much for teaching me to drive confidently and safely and to pass first time!

Orla from Minster-on-Sea, passed 1st time.
February 2018  Gillingham DTC