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Reviews and Recommendations 2019

I was so unbelievably nervous to drive and it felt impossible to pass my test, however I passed first time with only three minors. “It’s all about the consistency!!” Nigel is very good at what he does and has taught me everything I know. Highly recommend.
Charlotte from Sittingbourne, passed 1st time 3 faults.  December 2019  Gillingham DTC

Nigel is an excellent instructor who teaches you all you need to know in a calm and exceptional way. My nerves were a problem at first but Nigel helped me to get past that, and ultimately pass my test with one fault. A friendly, funny but professional instructor with a real desire for his pupils to do well.

Brendan from Sheerness, passed 1st time 1 fault.  November 2019  Gillingham DTC

After feeling like I would never be able to drive with my old instructor, Nigel built my confidence back up within the first 5 minutes of our first lesson. Nigel is very professional and will always make sure you have the best chance to pass.

Lucy from Greenhithe, passed 2nd time 4 faults. 

November 2019  Gillingham DTC

Absolutely brilliant driving instructor! I’m a very anxious person at times and Nigel was really patient with me. I highly highly recommend!!
Megan from Gillingham, passed 2nd time 1 fault.  October 2019  Gillingham DTC
Nigel is an excellent driving instructor! He regularly informed me on my progress and where I was going wrong so I could be the best driver possible. He made me feel confident even when I wasn't. I recommend him for anyone who wants to be a great driver!

Nigel taught my son to drive. He kept me informed of his progress once a week and I feel that he really goes the extra mile in everything he taught him, he learned to drive quickly and is a confident driver.
Harvey from Hempstead, passed 1st time 3 faults. 
October 2019  Gillingham DTC

Being a shy, anxious person I wanted to go with an instructor who could work with that, and Nigel was amazing and so supportive. Always felt at ease and comfortable during lessons, and despite being involved in an accident, with Nigel’s support I got back in the driver’s seat and eventually passed! I couldn’t recommend enough!

Leonie from Sheerness, passed 2nd time 1 fault. 
October 2019  Gillingham DTC

Nigel is a fantastic driving instructor. With his expert driver teaching skills I have learned to drive quickly and confidently and have passed my test first time.

Melody from Wigmore, passed 1st time 4 faults.  
October 2019  Gillingham DTC

Nigel has been an amazing driving instructor, he’s taught me how to be confident and safe on the roads! From my very first lesson with him he’s always been welcoming and friendly and I can’t thank him enough for his patience and time while teaching me how to drive!! Thankyou again Nigel! xx

Grace from Twydall, passed 2nd time 2 faults. 
August 2019  Gillingham DTC
Nigel is a brilliant instructor, friendly, made sure I was fully prepared for the test, highly recommend!
Niamh from Minster, passed 1st time 4 faults.  
August 2019  Gillingham DTC
Thanks for all your help mate in getting me passed.
Wez from Walderslade, passed 1st time 5 faults. 
July 2019  Gillingham DTC
Thank you so much for teaching me to drive! Had such fun lessons which will be missed and helped me progress my driving. Defo recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive. xx
Phoebe from Upnor, passed 2nd time 3 faults.  
July 2019  Gillingham DTC
Great instructor, great lessons. Quick pass with no faults. Pushes you in the best way to become the best driver possible.

Nigel taught my son who passed his test in just over 2 months. He kept us well informed after each lesson on our son's progress by email which was nice to read. He was extremely punctual each week, we would certainly recommend him.
Sam from Sittingbourne, passed 1st time ZERO faults.  July 2019  Gillingham DTC

Nigel has been a very good teacher, he covered lots of different aspects of driving right from my first lesson. He was very patient, calm and friendly during my time with him. I would personally recommend him because I truly believe that there's no other dedicated driving instructor like him.

Nigel is a dedicated driving instructor. He treats each pupil as one of his own, he builds their confidence very quickly. Nigel completes a report after each lesson which allows you see the progress, he also informs you what will be covered in the next lesson. Nigel took my son on the motorway which was fantastic as his Saturday job involves working at Bluewater and knowing that he has already done this route is reassuring. Nigel has never been late for a lesson or cancelled one. This was very important to me as I’ve heard of others letting pupils down

Oliver from Gillingham, passed 1st time 2 faults.  
July 2019  Gillingham DTC

Nigel is a brilliant driving instructor who has helped me become more confident in my driving and got me to my pass!! Highly recommend.

Ellie from Minster, passed 2nd time 6 faults.  
June 2019  Gillingham DTC
Nigel is an amazing driving instructor, he is such a pleasure to learn with and helped me learn exactly what I needed to pass my test first time. I couldn’t recommend him enough!
Kaesha from Gillingham, passed 1st time 3 faults.  June 2019  Gillingham DTC
Lovely bloke, helped me out massively with driving and got me through it. Has loads of patience for all drivers and is very understandable, he’s willing to go over anything any amount of times if I never understood. Would highly recommend, thanks again Nigel x

Molly from Upchurch, passed 2nd time 6 faults.  

June 2019  Gillingham DTC


Funny guy, very friendly and talkative also a very good instructor couldn’t have wished for better.

Regan from Rainham, passed  3rd time 6 faults.  
April 2019  Gillingham DTC
Brilliant driving instructor! Really helped me with getting on the road by preparing me not only for the test but for afterwards as well!
Chloe from Minster, passed 1st time 2 faults.  
April 2019  Gillingham DTC
Nigel is an amazing driving instructor, he will make you feel confident with every aspect of driving so that even after your test, you are a safe and confident driver. I always looked forward to lessons and he was very encouraging. Nigel will prepare you fully and was very supportive from the beginning to the very end.

Erin from Strood, passed 1st time 4 faults. 
March 2019  Gillingham DTC


Driving lessons were always proper enjoyable and I loved having them and always found that I improved a lot and felt more confident with driving every time. Despite my bad luck I still passed my test first time and am so grateful for the lessons. Would proper recommend to anyone.

Nicole from Strood, passed 1st time 1 fault.  

March 2019  Gillingham DTC

Nigel is an excellent driving instructor and helped me feel confident behind the wheel, and confident to pass my test, would highly recommend him.
Matthew from Hoo, passed 1st time 5 faults.  
March 2019  Gillingham DTC
Nigel is a great instructor and he helped me get through my test which was over an hour long with only 2 minor faults. I will recommend him to anyone who wants a great driving instructor in the future.
John from Queenborough, passed 1st time 2 faults.  March 2019  Gillingham DTC
I couldn’t have had a better experience. I was constantly pushed and encouraged every lesson to overcome each hurdle. Nigel is friendly and very supportive which made me feel prepared and confident on my test day. Now I’ve passed I feel ready to take to the roads as I was properly taught to drive and not just pass my test. Thank you Nigel for all your help x
Tierney from Minster, passed 1st time 2 faults.  
March 2019  Gillingham DTC
Very supportive encouraging and friendly, puts you at ease and thoroughly prepares you to be a safe driver on the roads.

Eva from Minster-on-Sea passed 2nd time 3 faults.  February 2019  Gillingham DTC

Nigel has been a brilliant teacher, always supporting me and believing in me! I would definitely recommend his services, I never thought I would be able to pass first time and with only 4 faults! Outstanding! Thank you so so so much for everything!!!

My daughter received very professional lessons, and I was always guaranteed that she was safe. Nigel was always very responsible and caring. Most importantly, Greta learnt how to be confident on the road with his help. I recommend Nigel a 100% to people who want their children to be in good hands.

Greta from Gillingham, passed 1st time 4 faults.  February 2019  Gillingham DTC

Nigel is the best instructor you could ask for - he cares for every one of his students, and knows how to nurture and push you to getting prepared for your test. Will be recommending to everyone! I passed 1st time - thank you so much gain Nigel, can't say it enough x

Anna from Greenhithe, passed 1st time 6 faults.  February 2019  Gillingham DTC
Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, a rare instructor who teaches you to actually drive rather than just pass your test. Incredibly kind and considerate, builds a genuine and professional relationship with his students and can build your confidence like no other, will miss him after passing first time.
Kitty from Minster, passed 1st time 3 faults.  
February 2019  Gillingham DTC

Nigel picked me up after a previous driving instructor and changed the way I viewed driving and the lessons. I had no confidence but he helped me through and never gave up on me. I would highly recommend Nigel he loves what he does and works so hard. Thanks x

Highly recommended. My daughter was a very nervous driver, Nigel put her at ease and got her through her test. 

Leah from Walderslade, passed 3rd time with 6 faults.  January 2019  Gillingham DTC

Couldn’t of passed without you, so happy❤️

Excellent instructor who supported my daughter to pass her test. Very professional and friendly and he built up her driving confidence quickly, very caring and supportive. Highly recommended!

Emily from Parkwood, passed 2nd time 6 faults.  January 2019  Gillingham DTC
Absolutely top quality driving instructor, with some good banta too. Brilliant track record and got me through first time would recommend to anyone 100%.

Owen from Sheerness, passed 1st time 2 faults.  January 2019  Gillingham DTC