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Reviews and Recommendations 2021

If anyone is looking to learn to drive, then Nigel Fox is the guy! I was extremely nervous when I first started my lessons, being 33yrs old and never driven, but Nigel settled me in and made me feel so comfortable and confident. As our lessons went on he was able to teach me everything I needed to know, calmly, patiently, and with care. He’s a great guy, and a great teacher! Thank you Nigel for helping me to pass, first time! Couldn’t have done it without you! Highly recommend Nigel Fox Driving School to everyone!
Jess from Twydall, passed 1st time 2 faults.  
December 2021  Gillingham DTC
Nigel was a great driving instructor, patient, engaging and a great laugh too!
Helped with any nerves before the test and is great at finding ways to help you.
Jimmy from Rainham, passed 1st time 1 fault.  
November 2021  Gillingham DTC
Nigel is absolutely amazing I can’t recommend him enough he is so calm and makes sure you are happy and know everything you need to drive comfortably.
Emma from Gillingham, passed 1st time 3 faults.
November 2021  Gillingham DTC
Nigel has been an amazing driving instructor and came highly recommended by another of his students. He gave me the confidence and reassurance to drive and pass first time. He is a genuinely nice, kind man which gave me confidence from the start. I would highly recommend him to others and I always do. Thanks Nigel

Dominic from Rainham, passed 1st time 1 fault. 
November 2021  Gillingham DTC
Nigel was an amazing instructor from making me feel at ease to helping me become the best possible driver I could be. I passed first time with 1 fault!! And this wouldn’t have been possible without his excellent teaching skills.

So pleased that Nigel was recommended to us for our daughters lessons. He is reliable and dedicated. Always keeping both parents and students well informed. Our daughter passed first time and he was as proud as we were. I would highly recommend his driving school to anyone wanting to learn to drive.
Olivia from Chatham, passed 1st time 1 fault.  
October 2021  Gillingham DTC

It was a pleasure teaching Tlisha to drive and I was very much looking forward to helping her pass her test. Unfortunately her test date was moved and so clashed with another one of my pupils test on the same day. So I recommended her to Ian Munn from LEAP driving school.   

A huge thank you to Ian and LEAP driving school for taking Tlisha on just a few weeks before her test and helping her to pass 1st time!  

A real team effort from both driving schools!  


Tlisha from Brompton, passed 1st time 4 faults. 
October 2021  Gillingham DTC
Couldn't recommend Nigel enough! Not only did he help me to drive safely but also built my confidence when driving too. Thanks so much again Nigel. Great driving instructor!
Ella from Walderslade, passed 1st time 5 faults. 
October 2021  Gillingham DTC
Nigel is an amazing instructor! He pushes you to be the best whilst remaining calm and boosts your confidence whilst driving. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive!
Abbie from Chatham, passed 1st time 3 faults. 
October 2021  Gillingham DTC
Nigel is a fantastic instructor and he continues to push you to shape you into the best driver you can be. I passed 1st time and couldn't be more thankful for his help.
Calli from Wigmore, passed 1st time 5 faults. 
October 2021  Gillingham DTC
1st time with only 1 fault! So so pleased! Couldn't have done it without Nigel Fox, the best driving instructor out there! x
Ellie from Minster, passed 1st time 1 fault.  
September 2021  Gillingham DTC
Would highly recommend Nigel for a driving instructor! I had 3 previous instructors before I had Nigel as I wasn’t getting the right help I needed and Nigel really understood me as a driver and accommodated for me. I struggled with nerves before and failed 2 previous tests and Nigel helped to relax me before my test and really believed in me and made me feel confident- he told me I could pass with zero faults and I did just that! Thank you Nigel for believing in me and making me believe in myself and helping me pass my test I couldn’t have done it without you!! x
Ibby from Blue Bell Hill, passed 1st time ZERO faults.
July 2021  Gillingham DTC
Nigel is a fantastic instructor! He remains calm, pushes you to do better, builds your confidence and also teaches you how to drive not only for your test but for the real world! I have had 2 previous instructors and without Nigel I really couldn’t of passed my test! Would highly recommend. Thank you for everything Nigel x
Yasmin from Rainham, passed 2nd time.  
July 2021  Gillingham DTC
Nigel is such a fantastic driving instructor, he keeps you calm while pushing you to be the best driver you can be. He is informative and very helpful. I would highly recommend him. Thank you for everything and keeping me calm today. X
Isabelle from Twydall, passed 1st time ZERO faults.  
June 2021  Gillingham DTC
To say Nigel is an amazing instructor would be an understatement. I did 20 hours of lessons with another driving school and lost all confidence. I got in touch with Nigel and the difference in quality was unbelievable. In just one lesson he assessed my drive, re-built my confidence and set out a plan of action which enabled me to confidently pass first time.
Kyle from Chatham, passed 1st time 5 faults.  
June 2021  Gillingham DTC
I can’t say thank you enough to Nigel for all my lessons and helping me prepare. You have been an amazing instructor, thank you for all the patience I couldn’t have done this without you! x
Harriet from Gillingham, passed 1st time ZERO faults.  
June 2021  Gillingham DTC
Good instructor and pushes you to do your best, would definitely recommend!
Joe from Walderslade, passed 1st time 4 faults. 
May 2021  Gillingham DTC
Such an amazing driving instructor and person, really good to get on with glad you were patient with me.  Thank you for everything x
Emie (Niece) from Walderslade, passed 1st time 2 faults. 
May 2021  Gillingham DTC
I truly believe I would not have had the confidence and ability to pass my test without Nigel's support. He is a patient and clear communicator, who provides you with knowledge not just to pass your test but to use in the real world afterwards.
Kriss from Wigmore, passed 1st time 2 faults. 
May 2021  Gillingham DTC

I couldn't think of a better driving instructor than Nigel. Not only does he teach you to pass your test but he teaches you how to drive for when you pass.  Nigel works with you on any problems you have to the best he can. Wouldn't recommend anyone else!  

Adam from Chatham, passed 2nd time 1 fault.
April 2021  Gillingham DTC