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What to expect on the First Lesson

Getting Started

You've got your provisional licence, and you're ready to start learning to drive. Let’s find out what you need to do before your first lesson and what to expect during it.


Your first lesson

It is recommended that your first lesson and all other lessons be two hours. 


Things To Bring

You will need your provisional driving licence and the correct fee for your lesson. Also if you need corrective lenses or glasses please bring them with you.


What To Expect

The first thing you can expect is for your instructor to check you have the correct entitlement on your provisional licence. Also that you can read a number plate from 20.5m away, you will be tested slightly further away than that at about 24m to ensure there is room for deterioration.

If you are new to driving you can expect to cover the cockpit drill and controls of the car. You will also learn the Prepare Observe Manoeuvre routine and the Mirror Signal Manoeuvre routine, these involve you moving off and stopping the car. Depending on your ability you may also carry out left and right turns as well as emerging left and right at junctions. 

If you have had previous experience in driving a car, (i.e. already took a test or had a few lessons) you can expect a detailed analysis of your driving ability from which an action plan can be compiled to best suit your needs to enable you to pass your driving test.